May 21, 2019

What is a good warm-up​ for cycling performance

Warming up properly for training or racing depends on the type of workout or race, the weather conditions, and whether you are the type of rider who feels good to go hard right away or rather needs some time warming up before you feel your best.

In this video, I discuss the latest trends on warming up and share where you can find a good warm-up to try out.

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  • Kim Butler, May 23, 2019

    Thanks for video. I am older rider 68. Warmup of about 20 minutes seems to work best at my age with some high cadence efforts. I taught exercise physiology in college, now retires. Question I still have about cyclocross. Many seem to be locked into dong hard five minutes efforts the day before the race called openers. Many say it opens up the systems for the race. That is what the warmup before the race should do. Doing hard efforts the day before for older master races may only make muscles slightly fatigued for race. As former runner, who kept a silver and bronze medalist at my house a few times: they would not think of doing a few hard mile repeats the day before a race. I now cycling is different but I still see no good reason to do so called openers day before a race.

  • Simon Kessler, June 12, 2019

    Hi Kim, thanks for your comments. The openers the day before is quite personal and really depends what you did two and three days before. The openers I like to prescribe the day before would not be 5 minutes hard but rather some on/off type efforts like 15-sec acceleration /15-sec easy repeat. This is designed to open up the breathing and cardio system without taxing the legs. I agree it may not be necessary for all athletes and circumstances.

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