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    Our Training Plans have helped cyclists win national championships and local races, break personal records and become stronger and healthier. 

TrainingPeaks Plans by Coach Simon

With one of our online plans you can feel confident that you will be following proven training methods that are tailored to your specific event, race, or fitness goal.

Each plan is designed personally by coach Simon Kessler drawing on more than 25 years of successful racing and coaching experience.

Your selected training plan comes with a highly detailed daily plan, personalized training zones, training plan support, and additional training resources, at a very affordable price.

Choose a plan for:

Road Racing

 Criterium, time trial, road race, masters, seniors, category 1-3, category, 4 & 5

State Championships Road Race

Endurance Events

Centuries, gran fondos, Etape du Tour, hilly centuries, flat centuries, metric centuries

Fitness Improvements & Power Gains

 Power gains of 20-40 watts, weight loss, base fitness, training on limited time

Indoor Plans

Zwift, TrainerRoad, Strava plans. Get fit for spring, competitive on local group rides.

Mountain Bike, Cyclocros & Gravel

Cross country cat 1-2 & 3. Cyclocross, Dirty Kanza 200, 100 mile Gravel

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What’s Included With Your Training Plan

Detailed Training Plan

Each day’s training appears in your TrainingPeaks account (free account included). In addition, you’ll receive your training daily via email and in the TrainingPeaks mobile app.

Targeted Training Zones

Your personal heart rate or power zones established at plan start (optional field testing). Certain plans include Workout Builder feature from TrainingPeaks (see sample plan) with session upload to Garmin, Zwift, CycleOps, Trainer Road

Flexible Plan & Multiple Use

Training can be performed indoors and training sessions can be moved around in the training week to work with your schedule. At purchase simply choose your plan start date to begin your plan. You may upload the plan unlimited times

Additional Resources 

1 month access to our membership community with live coaching calls & info on nutrition, race day prep, strength training, warm-up, and more. Contact us for details.

Plan Questions

We’ll answer any questions you have about our training plans in a timely manner. Coach Simon, the creator of your training plan, will answer your questions personally

 Satisfaction Guarantee

30 day money-back guarantee on all plans. Try risk-free! Receive 20% discount on future plans. Contact us to request your promo code

  • “Hi Simon, Thanks for posting that 6 week plan. It helped me accomplish my goal and then some. My goal event was April 2nd and all I wanted was to “not get dropped”. Yea. That’s it.

    Starting your plan was a shock to the system. I have never had a plan kick my ass as yours did. There were many times I could not finish a workout simply because my body had not adapted yet, but I did as much as I could. I use a periodization model so yours not having any rest weeks was new to me. I didn’t know how my body would recover, it it did.

    On race day I was not only able to stay with the race, but I was able to go with a few moves and bridge. Felt nice to do what my mind believed it could do. The race ultimately came down to a sprint and I didn’t have the legs, or the balls to fight for position. Thanks man. Your plan did its job. Attached is a pic from one of my attacks. It only lasted a lap, but I was able to get back in and toward the front.”

    - Greg Tripoli, 45+ Cat 2 racer from California

  • “I started with Simon’s program “8 Weeks to your Best Ever 20-40km time trial!” summer 2015 and after trying this I become Norwegian Champ 45-49 Master with average speed for 46.2km/h. I have Simon as Coach the season 2016 and I have more then 20 WIN on road race and Time Trial in 2016.

    He is coaching me perfect and always se what trainings program I must follow to get better.
    I am now on year 2 with Simon and this year I am even more stronger and my number is unbelievably strong.
    So I can recommend Simon 100%”

    - Arvid Johannesen, National Masters Time Trial Champion

  • “Hi Simon, Just wanted to give you some feedback on the training plan I completed 2 weeks back.

    This was the first plan I’ve ever embarked on and during the plan I must admit I found it difficult to stay motivated as I felt I was not enjoying cycling as much as had been when I was just riding for general fittness and enjoyment purposes. After talking to a few cycling friends they told me this was normal so I carried on and completed the course as per your instructions. As I was approaching the end of the plan is wasn’t convinced that my power would improve but when I came to the power test I was amazed to find that my power had increased by 30watts!

    Just wanted to say thanks and I really feel your plan has improved my performance massively.”

    - Scott Walton, power gains

  • “Dear Simon, It’s now two days since I had my second individual TT which was also the end of your absolutely awesome plan!

    Thinking back when I first read your workouts I thought that I wouldn’t be able to complete more than 50% of them but in the end I did not even failed on a single one! Of course some of them were super tough but all together doable with the correct mindset and good recovery!

    Oh well and before I’m off to some unstructured weeks of just riding here are a few impressions from the “magic Sunday – 337W average at the Eisner Cup time trial to win first place!

    - Stefan Reiter, Time Trial racer

  • “I purchased Simon’s “Gain 20-30 Watts in 8 Weeks! Proven Pro Training Methods. Heart Rate & Power, 7-9 hrs/wk.” plan via TrainingPeaks. I completed the first 6 weeks of the plan, then life got busy and I wasn’t able to do most of the last 2 weeks’ workouts. I emailed Simon and he quickly replied, encouraging me to keep going and suggesting I repeat the last 4 weeks of the plan before my race season began with a crit on January 22nd. I was able to do so, with amazing results. After repeating the last 4 weeks, I hit my goal of 4w/kg (293w; previous best was 281w). I honestly never thought I was capable of doing higher than 281w for 20 minutes – that it was my “plateau”. I was also able to take the win in my first “A” race of the season (and my first ever criterium win). Thank you Simon for an effective training plan and excellent customer service to back it up!”

    - Even Robold, road and criterium racer