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December 21, 2018

Road Cycling Off Season​ Training Tips on Limited Time

If you are like most working people you probably do not have many hours available each day to perform traditional offseason base training.

Here are some training tips and some specific training sessions you can include during the offseason to maximize your limited time and build for a future successful cycling season.

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November 13, 2018

Off Season Training Ideas for Road Cyclists Including Other Sports

Here are some ideas on different sports and training during the winter months and the offseason to keep things fun, fresh, and to improve in areas that you may not be focusing on during the cycling season.

What are some of your favorite sports and training to do in the winter months? Please leave a comment and please share. Thanks for watching!

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October 20, 2017

Learning new tricks in the off season

With a break from racing and large volumes of training, the off season frees up some time to learn and grow in new areas that will support your cycling improvements and your wellbeing.

Here are a few ideas on areas you may want to focus on

if you carried a little extra weight during the year, now would be a good time to establish a better eating regiment and lean down a little so that when you increase your training load, you are already at an ideal weight.

If you struggled to stay focused on long time trials or solo intervals, the off season is a productive time to dedicate to some mindful training. A meditation app like Headspace will take you through a 30 day program of mindful focus training that will benefit you not only in your cycling but also in your life.

Some cyclists struggle with pack cycling, maybe there is fear or they don’t feel comfortable bumping other riders or taking turns at a higher speed. The off season is a great time to grow in this area by practicing bike handling skills. You can ride more off road on a MTB to develop skills. Ask the local “pro” rider to take you on a few training sessions with the goal of learning and practicing improved bicycle handling.

If you don’t have a strong sprint, this time of year can be used to dedicate to specific training geared to improving your sprinting ability with extra sprinting drills and off-the-bike strength training.

If your pedal stroke is choppy and you struggle with higher cadences, specific pedaling drills and exercises will help you make gains in this area. This is also a good time of year to invest in a bike fit and get set-up efficiently on your bike before you increase your training load.

The off season is traditionally a time of recuperation from a hard season with a short break from the bike, followed by slow miles that gradually increase. and off-the-bike strength training. To keep things interesting, why not focus on new areas of personal and cycling growth that will make you feel alive and support your goals for 2018!

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