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    Race or Fitness

When you sign-up for the SSC $49 Coaching + Community you will receive each day a training plan via Training Peaks (free account included with membership).

The typical training week averages around 8-10 hours with options to cut the ride time down to 6-7 hours or to increase the ride time to as much as 12+ hours/week.

The training may be moved around as needed, depending on your work schedule. Weekends are typically a little less structured and allow for endurance rides, group rides and solo rides.

If you have a race week coming up simply follow the tapering instruction included with your membership in the Files section of the Facebook community. This will give you specific training to perform as you approach the races.

You may switch between the “Race” plan and the “Fitness” plan. You will always see both options (see image below).

Race Plan

This training is more intense and geared to racing or competitive group rides. It follows the typical race season (USA & Europe) which means winters are less intense and follow a build phase. This training is right for you if you are looking to become race fit. It includes high intensity intervals as well as endurance rides and sub threshold and threshold work.

Fitness Plan

This training is less intense training compared to the race plan. It also allows for less cycling days and may be ideal for triathletes or those who can only train 3-4 times/week. The training focus is more on endurance, threshold improvements and muscular endurance.

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