February 4, 2020

Plan to be your best on race day – 3 things cyclists should focus on before an event

Here are three tips on pre event planning that you can easily implement before your next event that will help you achieve personal success.

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  • Edwin Torres, February 5, 2020

    Thank You my friend , excellent tips which is always appreciated . I will get a new bike next week Cervelo S3 with the new Sram red 12 speed group set /Disc. Doing the San Antoni Gran Fondo series on this new bike. Just want to get use to it before the New York Gran fondo . but really enjoy your training tip Simon, you are miss out here in Florida. Thanks Again, Eddie

  • Tony Borges, February 5, 2020

    exelent tips coach defenelly the carb intake and the mental prep apply to me.

  • Simon Kessler, February 6, 2020

    Thanks Eddie. That sounds like a sweet bike! Enjoy the cycling and training for the gran fondo. I hope to come and visit Florida in the near future. All the best Eddie!

  • Simon Kessler, February 11, 2020

    Thanks, Tony for commenting.

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