The coaches of the best athletes in the world such as Peter Sagan, Tony Martin, and Mathieu Van Der Poel use INSCYD software and knowledge to plan, manage and monitor the training of their athletes. Now you can too with Simon Says Cycling!

Power tells you how you are training – but not how to train! With INSCYD we can now change all of that. 

We now offer physiological testing for cyclists using INSCYD’s Power Performance Decoder to help you understand the layers of your physiology, how your unique performance is composed, and how we can project future gains with specific training improvements tailored to you.

Here’s what you receive with your complete INSCYD metabolic performance report:

  • VO2max – maximum aerobic capacity
  • VLamax – maximum glycolytic (anaerobic) capacity
  • Anaerobic threshold and how it is composed
  • Accumulation of Lactate and how quick you can recover from it
  • Fat combustion rate and FatMax
  • Carbohydrate combustion during training & racing
  • Economy – how much energy you need at a given speed

“The Power-Performance Decoder is like a remote controller, and nowadays crucial to give us coaches an insight in the riders their actual level.“ – Kristof de Kegel, Coach of Mathieu van de Poel and Team Alpecin FENIX

A Performance assessment with INSCYD takes less than two hours of your time and can be performed at home on the road or indoor trainer with a power meter. 

Your INSCYD test with Simon Says Cycling includes a 45 minutes 1-on-1 Zoom consultation with coach Simon to review your results and help you plan your future training for maximum improvements. The full test, report, and review cost: $199 **Special limited time offer $159

A recent case study with our client Markus in Austria

Markus is a high-level amateur time trial specialist. We performed an initial INSCYD test followed by a standard 20-minute power test to determine his current level. He already had a very high level of fitness having trained hard throughout the winter. Here are the results of his first test.

We then created a specific plan where Markus performed 3 weeks of highly specific training with the goal of increasing his VO2 max and bringing down his VLAmax (or at least not increasing it). We incorporated specific nutritional strategies combined with training to increase the training adaptations. Here are the results after the 3 weeks of highly focused training.

The Results

In less than 4 weeks Markus improved his VO2 max from 67 to 70, his Anaerobic Threshold from 311W to 320W, and his 20-minute power from 340W to an all-time best of 355W!

By using the INSCYD initial test as a baseline, we were able to determine the exact areas we wanted to improve with targeted training. These numbers would have been guesswork with a traditional power test.