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    Custom Plan

Do you want to train with greater focus and purpose and take your cycling to a new level of speed, power, and fulfillment?

A custom training plan is a fully customized training plan designed from scratch by coach Simon. Clients choose the custom plan option for a variety of reasons including: to prepare for a specific A race or event goal, to be competitive on local group rides, or to achieve personal power, weight loss or timed goals. A custom plan is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Custom Plan Features

  • Fully customized training plan designed personally by coach Simon
  • Customized training zones (power or heart rate)
  • Power testing at start-up (optional)
  • Initial 30 minute start-up consultation
  • Access to Simon Says Cycling coaching community with additional coaching
  • 15% discount on camps and cycling kit

Cost: $100/month (3 month minimum) + $50 start-up 

To get started – complete the online questionnaire

A custom plan does not include training plan revisions, coaching communication (except via community), or training files analysis. If you are looking for these services Coaching is a better option for you.

Training Plans are also available for purchase on TrainingPeaks and range between $29-$116 per specific plan (4-12 weeks).