April 30, 2019

Best Cycling Training to Build Stamina & Endurance with Limited Time

Most of us are not pro riders and don’t have all day available for long endurance rides. If you have a busy life but still want to build endurance and stamina with limited time available, your best training option is to perform harder endurance rides which some cyclists call “tempo” or “sweet spot” rides. Here are some examples of this training session:

Ride 1.5- 2 hours at 75-88% of threshold power instead of a long, slow endurance ride of 3+ hours (50-60% of threshold)

Ride 1-1.5 hours at 82-95% of threshold power instead of 2-3 hours at 60-75% of threshold.

Do you do regular “tempo” or “sweet spot” rides? What has worked best for you to build endurance, stamina, and threshold power with limited time? Please leave us a comment. Thanks for watching!

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  • James Scianimanico, May 2, 2019

    I was doing a lot of road and was racing time trials.. I got back in to BMX racing full time an my Endurance is in the toilet.. I did get to championship series wins in time trials I am fighting for 2 number 1 in BMX.

  • Simon Kessler, May 21, 2019

    Well done James! Sounds like you a really good at BMX!

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