• Accelerate Your Progress working 1-on-1 with Coach Simon

    The fastest way to achieving your full potential 

Working 1-on-1 with coach Simon is your shortcut to faster and stronger!

As a past professional and coach since 1992, I have learned through experience how to create the right environment to help you reach your goals and achieve your full potential. It’s all about balance between cutting edge training science and real world experience plus the human aspect – knowing what motivates you and how to help you harness your true potential.

Our results are proven with many clients consistently achieving new levels of performance and rising to the occasion at their goal event. Where some coaches place a huge amount of emphasis on data, we provide a more balanced approach believing strongly in building longterm relationships and clear and positive communication channels. We believe that for you to achieve your true potential it’s as much about accessing your inner power, as it is designing the most effective training regiment. Fitness is 100% mental, your body won’t go where your mind does not push it!

When you work with Coach Simon you’ll receive some of the following benefits:

1-On-1 Coaching Communication

Our Silver and Gold coaching options (see below) include 1-on-1 mentoring and support from coach Simon. Simon is just a text message away to get your questions answered and receive expert guidance. You’ll receive pro level advice before and after goal events over the phone or in person. A custom plan includes your training plan questions answered by email but no ongoing coaching communication.

A Fully Customized Training Plan

Your training plan is designed from scratch by coach Simon and takes into account your current fitness and experience level, your goals, your work and family schedule, your time available to train, and more. The plan is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Plan Adjustments

Life happens and unexpected events come up and can affect your training. Unlike a custom plan, our Silver and Gold coaching options offer plan revisions ensuring you are always training optimally and accurately.

Goal Planning and Training Analysis

On our Silver and Gold levels we plan your season or upcoming month based around your personal or race goals. Each month or week, coach Simon reviews your power files and provides expert feedback in the spirit of learning, progress, and encouragement. Having coach Simon holding you accountable adds extra motivation to win each training ride.

Mental Training and Life Coaching

Many of coach Simon’s clients call him a life coach. Simon’s wisdom and insights offer powerful new perspectives and help you on your journey to tap into your true divine potential. Simon’s mental training program has consistently helped his clients achieve breakthroughs at their goal event or championship race and find greater peace and joy in everyday life.

Join Our Community

Working with Simon 1-on-1 gives you full access to our active Facebook community where you will receive additional coaching, meet fellow cyclists, and share in each other’s victories and personal breakthroughs.

Client Testimonials 

Simon’s ability to believe in you, and make you believe in yourself, goes a really long way in my experience. He understands the commitment cycling takes and understand that everyone is different. I recommend Simon to any athlete who wants to become a better cyclist. Not only is he my coach, but a good friend. Thanks for all your help!


Daryl Impey

Orica Scott Pro Team, Tour de France 2013 Yellow Jersey

We started to work together officially in 2007 to help me fulfill my Olympic dream. His knowledge in cycling and his passion for the sport is very evident and very motivating for me- therefore I seek his advice for many of my races around the world. Simon is still a great cyclist himself and that helps him to understand my needs when I am out there, or preparing for a big race. His power to motivate me and make me believe in myself is endless and when I chat with him I really see results!


Dirk Bockel
Ironman Champion, Olympian

I started with Simon’s program “8 Weeks to your Best Ever 20-40km time trial!” summer 2015 and after trying this I become Norwegian Champ 45-49 Master with average speed for 46.2km/h. I have Simon as Coach the season 2016 and I have more then 20 WIN on road race and Time Trial in 2016.


Arvid Johannesen

UCI World Time Trial Silver Medal winner 40-49, Norwegian Champion

Still in shock! Everyone said their times were 30 sec slower than last year. Wind. I was 35sec faster than last year. 24.7mph vs. 23.9 last year. Thanks Simon!!


Peter Balotta
Florida State Time Trial Champion 70-74, 2017

Coaching Services

Custom Plan
$ 100
-Fully customized training plan designed personally by coach Simon


-Personalized training zones (power or heart rate)

-Power testing at start-up (optional)

-Initial 30 minute start-up consultation

-Access to the Simon Says Cycling member-only FB group

-TrainingPeaks basic account


-$100/4 weeks (paid per 12 weeks – $300)

Does not include:

-1-on-1 coaching communication (except in FB group)

-Plan revisions and updates

-Power file analysis Get Started

Silver Level
$ 250
-Weekly review of training in TrainingPeaks (±3 rides) with coach comments and feedback


-1-2 plan revisions/month

-1-on-1 coaching communication primarily through TrainingPeaks email

-Additional communication available via email, text, Whattsapp, Messenger

-2 (20-30 min) calls or video conferences

-Overall planning to achieve cycling goals and plan upcoming months

-Options to work with associate coaches at reduced pricing

Additional Features

-Fully customized training plan designed personally by coach Simon

-Personalized training zones (power or heart rate)

-Power testing at start-up (optional)

-Initial 60 minute start-up consultation

-Access to the Simon Says Cycling member-only FB group

-TrainingPeaks Premium account ($20 value)


-Monthly commitment Get Started

Gold Level
$ 350
Coach Simon gives the highest priority to Gold Level clients for updates, file review, planning and race/event preparation and post event review


-Weekly in-depth review of all training rides and overall week in TrainingPeaks with coach comments and feedback

-1-on-1 coaching communication via email, text, Whattsapp, Messenger

Unlimited plan revisions/month

Unlimited calls (between 10am-6pm Eastern, Mon-Fri)

-In-depth planning to achieve cycling goals and plan upcoming months

-Fastest way to achieving your goals and full potential!

Additional Features

-Fully customized training plan designed personally by coach Simon

-Personalized training zones (power or heart rate)

-Power testing at start-up (optional)

-Initial 60 minute start-up consultation

-Access to the Simon Says Cycling member-only FB group

-TrainingPeaks Premium account ($20 value)


-Monthly commitment Get Started


I don’t race or hardly race. Is your coaching only for racers?

Our coaching and training plans are for many different types and levels of cyclists. Many of our clients don’t race or may race on occasion. We find just as much joy helping the beginner  cyclist learn how to improve and be competitive in a local group ride or break some personal records as the seasoned pro who wins a big pro race.

What’s the coaching commitment and cancellation policy?

There are no contracts for 1-on-1 coaching or custom plans. The commitment is month-to-month for the Silver and Gold options and 12 weeks for the custom plan.

Do I need to have a power meter to complete your training?

We highly recommend a power meter to get the most out of your training plan and to create a detailed history of your progress and training files. A power meter is not required for coaching or training plans. A heart rate monitor can work very well as an alternative.

What are some of the other things you provide for coaching clients?

All our coaching options include strength training plans, stretching plans, warm-up plans, resources on nutrition, mind-set, bike skills, group ride and race strategy.  Coaching clients are part of our member-only community where you will receive encouragement from fellow cyclists and receive additional coaching. We also offer our one on one clients personal nutritional plans, consultations to address specific needs, and the highest level of coaching communication.