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Come travel with coach Simon Kessler to the Tour de France this July! This year’s final week Tour de France bike tour is going to be incredible! You will have an opportunity to test your legs up Mont Ventoux and the famous Alpine TdF mountain climbs, experience 3 magical regions (Provence, the French Alps and Paris), see 3 of the most exciting stages (mountain TT, mountain finish and final stage), and enjoy top notch food, wine, and accommodation (all 5 star+!).

Our Tour de France final week bike tour is fully guided and has former professional cyclists (Simon Kessler and Neil Martin, father of Dan Martin) leading the bike rides. We cater to most levels of cyclists with fully supported rides. We also offer fully guided non-cycling activities for those who would rather not participate in the bike rides. Some of the non-cycling activities include: cooking class, chocolate tasting, mountain hike, and shopping.

To learn more or to reserve, visit Gourmet Cycling Travel. You can also call Simon directly at 813-453-1719 (USA) or email: simonsayscycling@gmail.com.

Check out these videos and come with us on a journey to le Tour!

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