Simon Says Cycling coach Tampa Florida

Client Testimonials


Daryl Impey Yellow Jersey
“After following Simon's 12-week time trial program for the World Championships my improvements were amazing. I increased my average watts by 55 watts (15% more power) for double the amount of time and at a lower heart rate.

Simon's ability to believe in you, and make you believe in yourself, goes a really long way in my experience. He understands the commitment cycling takes and understands that everyone is different. I recommend Simon to any athlete who wants to become a better cyclist. Not only is he my coach, but a good friend. Thanks for all your help!"

Daryl Impey Orica Green Edge, Yellow Jersey Tour de France 2013
Dirk Bockel
“Simon has been a close friend for many years now- we started to work together officially in 2007 to help me fulfill my Olympic dream. His knowledge in cycling and his passion for the sport is very evident and very motivating for me- therefore I seek his advice for many of my races around the world. Simon is still a great cyclist himself and that helps him to understand my needs when I am out there, or preparing for a big race. His power to motivate me and make me believe in myself is endless and when I chat with him I really see results! 
Simon, thanks for all that help over the past years. You are a great coach and a very good friend to me and my family!”
Dirk Bockel 7th Ironman Hawaii 2009, 70.3 Ironman winner, Olympian
Robert Marion
"I began working with Simon in 2006, and since then my improvements have been dramatic. Before I started training with Simon, my best finish at a Norba National race as a semi pro was 28th in XC and 10-20 minutes off the winner’s time. After trainer with Simon, I went on to become the number 1 ranked semi pro in the Nation with many wins! In 2008 I turned professional and continue to make big progress with 11th in the US National short track series overall.  
Simon has a way of not only making you a stronger rider with his very specific training methods, he also has a unique way of instilling great confidence in yourself. This is as important as physical ability when it comes to winning races. With Simon you get the whole package: a great coach as well as a good friend."
Robert Marion Ranked 11th best Pro mtn bikers in US, SERC Pro series winner
Bob Nelson
"Simon’s approach to training has had a huge measurable impact on my performance. His ability to motivate is among the best I have seen in any setting, business or athletics. His personal commitment to my success is the underpinning of why I have been able to achieve the improvements and race wins.  
He understands the balanced nature of getting the most out of people with the time they have available, and adjusts training plans as needed to ensure goals are achieved. He truly cares about the individuals he coaches, and I would suggest anyone can achieve much more than they can possibly do on their own by working with Simon."
Bob Nelson VP LabCorp, Cat 5 time trial winner
Darren Lill
"Simon is the man to speak to for anyone looking for a complete coach. He will help with training, diet, gym work, the right mindset, race tactics, anything to do with cycling. He has been involved in the sport for a long time, and has also raced on an international level. To me, this means a lot, as he has experience in the field as well as knowing the scientific aspect of training, unlike some other coaches who just know the theory.  
Throughout my pro racing career, I have incorporated many of Simon's training techniques, as well as his sound advise with regards to the right mental approach to racing and race tactics. I have also found Simon's off-season gym and core strength workouts to be tremendously beneficial."
Darren Lill Top US Pro Stage Racer, Team Type 1 Professional 2009
Clay Fawthorp
"Before I met Simon I was a category 3 racer who had a hard time finishing a race. Now I am leading the Florida Points Series (Cat 3) and winning races. Simon has a unique ability to understand my specific training needs and requirements. He is able to keep my fitness level high during the long Florida race season without overtraining. He also has an amazing ability to instill a new level of confidence on and off the bike.  
There are many aspects of being a successful cyclist but 2 are vital: training with power and have Simon as a coach."
Clay Fawthorp Florida Points overall Cat 3 series winner