Simon Says Cycling coach Tampa Florida

Client Power Improvements

All Simon Says Cycling clients make significant improvements in their power which translates in to improved strength and results in racing or group rides. With the advent of power meters, you can determine completely objectively whether you are making improvements. Power is the preferred method of coaching at Simon Says Cycling. 

Monthly Coaching Package clients improve anywhere from 20-50 watts on a 20 minute power test in a 6-12 month period. Here are some of Simon's clients recent improvements in power and results:


Derek Bennett State Champion.jpg
I started working with Derek Bennett at the end of 2007. He had just starting racing as a Cat 5. In his first power test he put out 348W at 165lbs. This was impressive power for someone just starting out and showed his big talent. After working with him for a year he was able to bring his power up to 381W at 157lbs, a 33 watt improvement and at a lower body weight. His watts per kilogram improved from 4.6watts/kg to 5.3 watts/kg!

His improvements were also displayed in his racing where he became Florida State Champion in the Cat 3s before moving up to Cat 2. He recently finished 3rd in the Pro 1-2 Florida Road Race Championships in Ocala and continues to progress.

Robert Marion
I started coaching Robert at the end of 2006. At the time he was finishing 10-20 minutes back in the Norba XC races. In his first power test he put out 332W at 167lbs or 4.3 watts/kg. After a year of coaching he went on to win the Norba semi pro XC series and improved his power by 40watts to 371W at 155lbs or 5.2 watts/kg.

In 2009 he turned professional and continues to progress to this day with his latest best power numbers being 384W at 154lbs or 5.5 watts/kg. He has shown his talents and strength competing with the best mtb pros in the US by finishing 11th overall in the national short track series.


Jack Keiser State Champion
I started coaching Jack Keiser in 2007 when he was coming back from an injury. At the time he found it difficult to compete with the best in his category. In his first power test he put out 269W at 167lbs or 3.5 watts/kg. After less than a year of training he was able to put out 323W at the same weight or 4.3 watts/kg, a 54 watt improvement!
These improvements translated over to his racing where he dominated the Florida racing season becoming Florida State Criterium Champion and winning the overall Florida Points Series.
Bob Nelson climbing
It was just over a year ago that Bob took on the challenge to become a bike racer and commissioned me to be his coach. At the time Bob could put out 206W at 180lbs+. With a year of coaching and specific training he achieved 252W at 170lbs, a 46 watt improvement and at a lower weight.  
What makes these improvements more impressive is that they have been achieved on only 3-6 hours of training a week. His position as Senior Vice President of LabCorp does not allow him much time to train; many workouts are performed at 5am or 8pm.
In 2009 Bob went on to win the Squiggy and Gainesville Cat 5 time trials.