Staying Hydrated on Summer Rides

| Friday, August 20th, 2010 | No Comments »

We are in the hottest time of year here in Florida and staying well hydrated during training rides is a big challenge.
Here are a few hydration tips that will help you stay hydrated on your next ride -

  • Drink a bottle of your preferred sports drink (not water) starting 1-2 hours before hard training sessions and rides longer than an hour.
  • Add electrolytes to your bottles filled with water (a pinch of salt works well or products like Nuun).
  • For rides over 1.5 hours, drink a sports drink that includes both carbohydrates and an adequate amount of electrolytes. Look for sports drinks that have 200mg of sodium per 8 ounces of fluid (the minimum amount recommended for endurance training).
  • During a ride drink every 15-20 minutes to ensure you stay topped-up with fluids.
  • Weight yourself before and immediately after a ride. For every pound lost drink a bottle (24 oz) of fluids with electrolytes starting immediately after the ride.
  • To keep your core temperature down during a ride in the heat bring an extra bottle filled with cold water that you can use to pour over your head a regular intervals.
  • Immediately after a long ride drink cold fluids and take a cold shower or swim to reduce your core temperature quickly.

If you stay well hydrated in the summer heat you will finish each ride feeling fresher and you will recover much faster for your next ride.



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