How to win a group sprint, even if you are not a sprinter

| Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 | No Comments »

Today I won the San Antonio group ride sprint putting out 300 watts less power than the rider who launched the sprint. This rider who I beat can on any given day cream me in a one on one sprint. He puts out over 1500 watts to my 1300 watts.

So how did I do it? I made sure I was in his wheel when the sprint launched, knowing that merely by drafting him I was saving over 300 watts. When he tired I kicked past him for the win. It only required 1000 watts to his 1300 watts.

You too can beat faster sprinters by using this strategy. Here is how -

Get your buddy to ramp the speed up very high coming towards the sprint. This will reduce the sting of the best sprinter’s kick. Starting the sprint from a slow speed will be much more favorable to pure sprinters.

Make sure you are in the wheel of the best sprinter, and wait for him to launch. If you have some more help then get your other buddy to attack the sprint with surprise from a far way out. This will force the best sprinter to start his sprint earlier than he would like. Jump on his wheel then kick past in the final 50 meters for the win. Easy!

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