Are you losing motivation with this cold weather?

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I don’t know about you but I am finding it difficult of late to get out and train due to the cold weather. These 40 F mornings are getting a bit much. Granted, 40 F is a warm day up north but us Floridians have become spoilt (and soft).

I remember racing in Brittany, France early March. Torrential rain and hail storms beating down. I was literally frozen all over, unable to change gears or get my food out of my pockets. After the finish I fell over, unable to unclip. In those days I was motivated to train and race in cold weather. What happened?

An inspiring goal.

You see I now ride for the pleasure and have no desire to race and therefore no personal riding goals. In my younger years, as a hungry 18 year old racing all over the world, I had dreams of racing the Tour de France. I had clear goals and trained for specific events each year.

I was successful. Winning state championship titles (Ile de France) on the road and track, finishing second in the French national championships, and making the French national team. I was inspired and motivated by my goals. Those goals inspired me and turned thoughts (goals) in to energy (action).

It does not matter what your goals are, what matters is that your goals inspire and motivate you to take action.

Make a goal that inspires you. It can be to lose weight, improve your power, or win a race. Regular goal setting is a key ingredient in finding the motivation to train consistently each week.

We all go through periods when motivation is lower, even with good goals. When you feel you have low motivation, here are a few things that have helped me to get it back quickly:

  • ·          Make new goals, review your current goals
  • ·          Remind yourself of your progress
  • ·          Go for a group ride with friends (versus training alone)
  • ·          Clean your bike
  • ·          Watch the Tour de France on TV 
  • ·          Hire a coach

As a coach, I can see how my clients find motivation by knowing that I am always there for them and have their best interest at heart. The structured training provides focus and direction to their training. The weekly review of training files keeps the athlete accountable. And when they lose motivation, I am there to pick them up, and to remind them of the big improvements they have already made. 

 Time now to make those goals and get re motivated!

Thanks for reading – Simon 

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